Build a Reservation Template into Your Web App in a minutes.

An overview of Booking, how to get and use API, add hotels and rooms, and more.
Reservation code API: Documentation
Using our API, you can create Your own code for online reservation system in your websites for hotels. The documents listed here are mainly targeted at application/web developers – but don’t let that scare you away in case you’re new to the subject. We’re pretty sure that using the API is rather straightforward, even for beginners.
Steps to Create and Use API?

Add New Hotel
Click on hotel menu and then click on add new hotel.

Create New API
Click on apps and click on create new API. Provide the name of API.

Get Code
Inside get code. Select your API, choose your hotel, select template then click on getcode.

Use Template
Copy & paste to your web page file where you want reservation template.
Using Code
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" /> <script src="" ></script> <script src="" ></script> <script src="" ></script> <div id="api-data-reserve" name="everest" data="XHdPPimnEr"></div>

After using the above code you will get the view as:

When you enter check in date, check out date, no of adults and no. of childs and click on check availability button, you will get popup window as:

When you select required number of rooms from listed rooms and click on next button, you will get view as:

When you provide your personal info and click on next button, you will get view as:

Note: The above view of payment is optional. If you don't want your user to force to pay, you can exclude this view.

When you provide payment info and click on next button you will get the following view and at the same time the email with booking information will be sent to your email inbox.


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