Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Bookingpoints?
It is a computerized online system that stores and distributes information of a hotel, resort, or other lodging facilities.
2. I am a Hotel Owner. How is it beneficial to me?
We are affiliate business for Hotels. Simply you can copy and paste code from our documentation to your web site's html page . This code will integrate your hotel with Bookingpoints and we will provide you an interface of hotel management system where you can manage all the booking activities. And your customer can also book your hotel through Bookingpoints Website.
3. Is it free for lodges?
Definitely, it is free for registration.
4. I am a user. How is it beneficial to me?
You can search and book any hotels near to you as your convenience.
5. Is it free for users?
User can freely enjoy our services.
6. Where can I find listing of the best lodges?
Bookingpoints can help you find your favorite and best lodge in your desired location.
7. I know the name/location/phone of the lodge, but how can I book that lodge from my current location?
Using reservation system you can search your favorite lodge by its name, location, description or contact number and book rooms from your current place.
8. Why my hotel is not verified yet?
You need to submit the legal registration document of your hotel while adding hotel to After you submit the required document then your hotel is under processing for Verification. Our verification process involves contacting with the hotel owner, investigation of legal hotel registration documents. If your hotel matches all the required conditions then your hotel will be verified. Generally it will take 48 hours for your hotel to be verified.
9. How long will it take to verify my hotel?
Generally it will take 48 hours for your hotel to be verified.
10. Why my hotel is suspended?
There are many reasons for hotels to be suspended. Few of them are listed below:
- Unauthorized use of hotel
- Terms and Conditions of use did not match
- Registration document not submitted completely
- Payment issue
For more details you can contact or email us from your official email account.

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